Zine, Please! A Check, Please Fan Zine!

"ZINE, PLEASE!" is a collaborative fanzine between artists and writers based around the world of Ngozi Ukazu's famous webcomic Check, Please!Each edition of "Zine, Please" will be a digital PDF, viewable by all for free at the time of publication. With each issue comes a new theme. For this inaugural issue, our first edition is called "#AFTERCOLLEGE," following the lives of the cast after Samwell.Just in time for the tenth anniversary of Check, Please!, think about what life is like ten days after graduation. Ten months? Ten years, even? Anything and everything post-graduate is acceptable!

Our sign-up period is open NOW!


What is the fastest way to reach the support team?
Our email and tumblr are checked on a regular basis, but the fastest way to hear a response would be to open a ticket through our discord server.
While important information will be emailed to contributors, the Discord server (located in the "Contact" tab) also acts as a resource hub and community for contributors and admins alike. It’s the best place to stay in-the-know on anything regarding this zine.How strict are the deadlines?
Out of consideration for our team and fellow contributors, we ask that all potential contributors mind the deadlines and do their best to meet them. However, we understand that life happens. So if any issues arise, please get in contact with our support team via our email, Discord, or Tumblr.

What if I want to participate, but my ideas don't fit the current theme?
Zine, Please! aims to be a reoccurring fanzine with multiple issues. There are lots more awesome themes to come so please do not be discouraged if your work does not fit the current theme. Join our Discord or keep an eye out on our Tumblr for updates and announcements regarding new issues and themes!
What if I want to participate, but I don't have any ideas at the time of sign-ups?
That's okay! You don't need to have an idea right away. You can still sign up without an idea and be part of the check-in process. The team will work with you and help you develop your ideas for the zine.
I'm an artist. What are going to be the page specs for this zine?
We are going to be using size A4 as our pages with a 300 D.P.I (Dots Per Inch). This size is 210mm by 297mm or 8.3in by 11.7in. Depending on what the team want, we can also work with 420mm x 297mm for a two-page spread.

How Do Check-ins Work?

On the first of each month after the closing of the sign-up form, contributors will be assigned an admin to which they'll check in with regarding progress. Each month, the admin will reach out to contributors to see where everyone is at in terms of their individual* progress.*We highly emphasize "individual" in this. While joining our Discord server is the best way to reach out and do these check-ins, it is not necessary to join. The admins can do their check-ins over Tumblr via their individual blogs. Additionally, we will email a check-in form via the email [email protected] for all contributors, regardless of where our contributors heard about us.[UPDATE 1/14/23: For our contributors, if you wish to send in your final drafts, make sure to have either "[SUB/ART]" or "[SUB/FIC]" verbatim at the beginning of your subject line. You can have the title of your project after, but at the very least, that tag must be in your subject line. It makes it easier on the admin end to find your work easier.]

For any other questions/concerns, please contact our support team. We are here to help you!

Acceptable Content

All submissions must have a content rating no higher than the rating for the main Check, Please! comic. (PG-13)On the subject of angst, we welcome the exploration of deeper or slightly angsty themes to a certain extent. An overall theme of the canon comic is prevailing despite many hardships and this zine would like to reflect that. For example, a fic delving into Jack’s canon-typical struggles with anxiety and substance abuse would be acceptable, but a fic wherein he becomes a mass murderer and psychologically tortures all his friends would not be.We are accepting submissions for the following content:
-Fics (3.5k word limit)
-Art Of All Mediums (for ex: digital, traditional, fiber, original songwriting, etc.)
For non-digital artworks, please submit them in a way that can be included in the PDF zine. Traditional drawings, for example, can be scanned and emailed as a PDF file. (Admin Clark suggests using the stock Notes app if you have an iPhone and Adobe Scan if you have an Android.) (For any questions regarding this or requests for help, please do contact our support team.)Contributions do not need to be 100% canon-compliant. AU's are acceptable, but they should be within theme for the issue they're submitted for.Basically, feel free to submit any works that center on the theme of the issue, would translate well to a PDF zine format, and meet our rating and warning requirements!


*Deadlines are at 11:59PM/23h59 Pacific Standard Time

Sign-ups End02/01/2023
Monthly Check-inFirst of the month starting on 02/01/2023 with the final check-in 05/01/2023
Final Deadline05/12/2023
Release Date05/26/23

Meet Your Team!

Bittle (He/Him)

Hey! I’m Bittle (yes i know, my nickname is named after the main character) and I am super excited for this project, not only to be a part of it but to see the final product! I’m 15 and Mexican! Hope you enjoy the adventures we have made for you :)

  • Favorite Character? Bittle duh

  • Cakes or Pies? Cakes

Atlas (He/Him)

I'm a fanartist that mainly draws omgcp stuff. I found out about the comic back in 2020 and I've been obsessed with it since.

  • Favorite Character? Always fluctuates into either one of the frogs, or Bitty. (Though most often it's Dex.)

  • Cakes or Pies? Cakes

Clark (He/They)

Clark is the carrd-dealer (designer of this website), having joined the OMGCP fandom this year. Having found the comics in 2017, it left quite the impression on him (read: forgot about it for three years). This is his first fanzine and can't wait for future editions of Zine, Please!

  • Favorite Character: Jack Zimmerman, duh

  • Cakes or pies? Pies

Katie (She/Her)

Hello! I'm Katie, I've been enjoying OMGCP for a while now, and I'm thrilled to see all the gorgeous artwork that will make up this zine :)

  • Favorite Character: Jack <3

  • Cakes or pies? Cakes

Jercy (They/Them)

I am Lardo IRL, except even shorter and not quite as cool lol.

  • Favorite Character? Lardo (and Chowder, and Jack, and Bitty, and Nursey, and—)

  • Cakes or Pies? I prefer brownies and cookies /o\

FFR (He/Him/His)

Just someone who got invested in Check Please over half a decade ago. And who tends to pour my love of culture, history, science, and fantasy into my art/fic.

  • Favorite Character? Dex

  • Cakes or Pies? Pies

Z/Sidney (He/They)

Hi, y'all! I go by Z or Sidney and I'm a queer and Jewish artist and writer. I also bake and crochet in my spare time, and I've baked my way through every on screen recipe in Check Please! (aside from the jam :p).

  • Favorite Character? Of the main cast, Bitty. Background, Tater

  • Cakes or Pies? Pies

Tea (They/Them)

Hi! I've been a fan of this comic since late 2015 and have met some of my best friends in this fandom, including my partner. I only just started creating content for omgcp in 2020, at the encouragement of my friends. I'm super excited to be a part of this project and connect y'all with many creators!

  • Favorite Character? JKent, right? Gotta be Kent since he's canon (it's Jeff, I'm sorry)

  • Cakes or Pies? Pies


You can reach out to us via our Tumblr, Discord server, or by email at [email protected] (we're broke we can't afford our own domain).